Monday, August 1, 2011

New Address

We are finally feeling settled after months of being in a short term rental twin home.  And moving during the whilwind of summer vacation.  With busy children and crazy days.   We are here in our humble abode in the Heather Ridge neighborhood.  Since we don't know what the future has in store for us in Sioux Falls,  this house is only temporary.  But for now,  we are here and this is HOME.  The kids are making fast friends that we can't  imagine life without.  We now have flowers planted and pictures hung.  We may only be in this home 1 year but we are making the year count.

Welcome to 709 Sterling Oak Circle.

This is the view from our  front door on Sterling Oak Circle.  This is why we love this house, this neighborhood.   I do have to remind myself when the house is chaotic with 7 neighborhood children running in different directions and I've felt like I have fed an army...we would rather have the kids playing at our home than scattered about.


Fujitales said...

Man, you kept your word! You've been busy blogging lately, I love it! I love the effect you have on the pic of you fam at the lake.

And I can totally relate to your driveway, except all of the bikes and scooters belong to my own kids! My neighbor keep trying to politely remind me that HOA has rules about trashy yards... thanks, noted.