Thursday, July 21, 2011

A bang up celebration

This year was a different kind of 4th of July celebration for us.  The norm has been food, fun, friends, and frolic for the 4th.  Nope.  Not this year.  It was "Anderson,  party of 5".  It's a good thing I am so darn happy with this group. We have a blast together.   In true Anderson fashion we stretched out the holiday.  We celebrated on Sunday with the big fireworks overhead at Lake Okobogi.  And then did it again at home the next day.

 Sunday night at the Lake a few hours before the fireworks started.
watching the fireworks overhead.   These girls...I love to see how happy they make each other.
Did he grow up overnight, or is it my imagination?
Home again.  The celebration on Sterling Oak begins.
a few thoughts on this photo,
1.  Is that my 7 year daughter lighting fireworks?  Yes it is.
2.  Is that same child wearing her pajamas outside on a holiday?  Yes it is.
3.  Do you see the large red metal rod sticking out of the fire hydrant?   It's placed there to signal the location of a hydrant when covered by snow.  These metal rods line our city streets. Don't be jealous.  Your city doesn't get enough snow to warrant such a sight.

This is my favorite "street" kind of fire cracker.  I guess.
But, sparklers...I love 'em!


Jeanne said...

WOW! I love the pic of the kids with the sparklers....looks like everyone had a blast!! I love that and I love you!!!!