Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer camps

Since I'm in denial about school starting this week, let's recap the classes and camps that the children were involved this summer.  I have to say, I was really impresssed with each and every activity that we were apart of this summer.   Sioux Falls has some really great camps to offer. 

Avery took advantage of the camps more than anyone else this year.  She was a busy bee, but not crazy busy, you know.   I loved the balance of our summer with play, relaxation, camps/classes, vacations, and family time.  It's been a good one. 

And, just for my reference next year when I will surely forget the contacts, here is the specific info on each camp. 

The Harrisburg art council puts on quite a show with their camps.   Avery was involved in art, drama and music camp.  They are affordable and run by school teachers.  The kids have a blast with all the creative projects,  games and activites they provide the kids. Plus, Avery really learned some new skills. The Harrisburg art council offers the sign ups through the elementary at the end of the year.  The classes fill up very quick.

Drama camp.  This camp was the biggest stetch for Avery.  But she learned a lot.

Next up.  Music camp.  I especially loved this camp because Avery had the chance to learn about so many different instruments that she probably would not of otherwise had the chance to explore.  Each day was a different theme, song and instrument.  She loved the teacher and the class.
For 3 days a week Zach went to summer school.  This is the first time he has enjoyed his summer school experience.  Mrs. Smith makes all the diference in the world....and we are so thankful to her.  Not only did Zach enjoy school once he was there, he asked about it when he wasn't in class.  He looked forward to his class time.  Mrs Smith is truely a special teacher and we thank our lucky stars for her and Zach's recent change of heart towards school. 

Mrs. Smith kept Zach after school to work individually on his computer skills.  He learned to make a power point presentation.  He was very proud of this accomplishment...just ask him about it, he will gladly share.

Art camp was, well, just perfect in the eyes of one 7 year old. And, just for the record I was a little bit jealous of her time cutting, pasting, and painting. Oh, crafts so many crafts. Simply put, she loved it.

Ellie went out on a limb this year and attended 2 basketball camps. I was so proud of her as in the past she felt to discouraged to attend a basketball camp. Or persue a team sport. I can't overlook how the net on our driveway and the hours of time she put into her jump shot helped her gain some confidence. Never the less it was hard for her to do and she did it willingly. Go Elle.

 The first camp was through the school district.  She enjoyed her time there and really learned some new moves and drills.  The camp was 2 hours a day for 4 days.  It was held at the high school. 
  With her new found confidence she enrolled in TIBBS camp.  This camp is known for being hard core!  Only serious players should apply.    Hard practices, drills and skills are taught there.  They will refine your form and push your endurance.  The reputation is TIBBS is TOUGH.  You come home exhasusted each day from camp. And, yes what they say is true.  She was exhausted, it was hard and unfortunatley it also shook her confidence.  She didn't like this camp.  So I am not sure about next year.  It seems if she's still interested in basketball at the time ..then this camp is a must.  It's really that beneficial.  However, if she doesn't feel the passion she will probably skip it.  We shall see what a year brings.
(Elle practicing at all hours of the night)
(no picture of TiBBS camp)

Both girls took swimming lessons.  And because of an error on my part they ended up being in the same class.  Which was the best mistake I've ever made.  They loved being together in class.  These lessons were hands down the best swimming lessons I have ever seen.  Awesome.  The classes were red cross certified so the instructors were tough on technique.  But, they played fun games while swimming relays and practicing strokes.  Both girls loved their lessons and hardly noticed the 45 min go by.   Ellie passed level 3, while Avery will retake level 3 next year.  No worries Avery...she was the youngest child in the class and held her own.   She just needs to work on her dive and she will move on in no time.  Good job girls. 

(do you wish Ellie was standing up straight in this picture.  Or is that just a mom thing?)


Jeanne said...

Gigi wishes she was standing up straight also.....both kids still darling, however!!! LUV U ALL