Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to School

Happy first day of school,  kids.  

Zachary and Ellie are in 7th grade this year.  The middle grade in middle school.  Does it ever get any quirkier than your 7th grade year?   Middle schoolers seem to be on a planet all their own.  But, I must admit Ellie seems to be handling her "odd ball" phase pretty darn well.  I cringe when I think back to my middle school "look".  I know I didn't look as good as Ellie. 

Zachary has always loved style but this year he has kicked it up a notch.  He is Mr. Cool.  He has mastered the Justin head/hair shake.  And, he can whip it.  Mostly when a cute girl is around.  Remember....middle schooler.  I secretly laugh my head off. 

Avery is in 2nd grade this year and going to a new elementary school.  For those of you keeping score, this is Avery's 4th  elementary school in just 2 years.  I am banking on the fact that these changes are building up her character.  She was most excited about 3 things:   lockers!!!, her teacher,  and riding her bike to school.  A first for her.  She feels pretty old now...and now so do I.

I think she looks pretty cute, inspite of the quick "first day outfit" change at the last minute.

(and just for the record we have only moved her twice.  A boundary change enrolled her to a new building for 1/2 of her first grade year.)


Kristie said...

Such good looking kids...must take after their mother!

Jeanne said...

the kids look adorable.....and just to set the record straight you looked adorable too in middle school......however, some days it took you forever to fiqure out your outfit for that day!!!! LUV IT

doug said...

Way to go LAUR, your kiddies are growing up right before OUR eyes.

Love to see your blog pics and talk, you're very creative, AVERY takes after her mom. . .