Friday, September 9, 2011

Friends and family

We are going to make our blog private. I know there are a few friends and family that still read our blog. I will send out an email with the blogger "invite." If you don't think I have your email please leave me a comment.

Thank you.


Julie said...

You are always so creative and such a good mom..I love your please keep me on the blog. i went private too...but really dont blog anymore. so give me your email and then when I start blogging i will include you:)

doug said...

Dear Laurie:
I am sure hoping that you will let mom and dad be included on your new PRIVATE blog, since WE don't do much in the way of SOCIAL NETWORKING, we are mostly LURKERS . . . ha ha, LOVE YOU

mom and dad

Rebekah said...

me, me! I know I haven't been very good lately at following but I'd like to catch up and keep up. FB me if you don't have our email address.

deb schwedhelm photography said...

me please.
love you.
cousin debbie

Jenee Zirker said...

I'd still like to keep in touch with ur cute family.