Saturday, July 16, 2011

Brilliant idea

We've been doing a lot of traveling by car lately.  South Dakota is still new to us and so are the little towns and destination spots around this part of the country.  When we get the chance we love to take weekend trips and explore.  Or just leave Sioux Falls for a bigger city.  The kids are really good in the car.  Infact when the twins were toddlers,  I remember the car was one of the "easiest" ( I use that term loosly as they were rarely described as easy) places for us.  But we do still load up a big fat entertaining "car bag" for our trips.  It's typically filled with  paper, crayons, school workbooks (Avery's thing) ipad, ipod, books and magazines.  And now... pipe cleaners.  One quick stop at Target and we have hours of entertainment. 

Pipe cleaners let their creative minds run loose!

Avery made scuba gear complete with a mask and snorkle.   I didn't think to take a picture of the finished product.  I should have.  It was so cute. 

oh dear, looks like Avie could use a mani....Gigi, my girls need you.
Zachary made a weird long pointy thing. He named it the "booger picker 3000" Of course he did.
(Ellie wasn't with us on this trip, she was at girls camp.  We sure missed her though.)

A note to mention: we have bought the more expensive, trendy "toy" version of pipe cleaners called "bendaroos". Don't waste the money. Good ol fashion pipe cleaners will do wonders.


Fujitales said...

Ooh, I'm so going to have to remember that little tip. We too love a good road trip, but after hours on end in the car, even the ipad gets old. Pipe cleaners- genius!